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St. Louis

The primary mission of the St. Louis Fed Research Division is to provide high-quality, timely advice to the Bank’s president about monetary policy and banking issues. Producing and communicating important economic research in areas such as macroeconomics, international economics, and regional economics are also crucial components of the Division’s responsibilities.

Our Focus

We shape the debate on key economic issues through research and professional engagement and lead the way in providing economic data and information.

Academic Research

The St. Louis Research Division is in the top 1% of all economics research departments worldwide (as ranked by RePEc). St. Louis Fed economists have recently published papers in academic journals such as the American Economic Review and Journal of Economic Theory. Economists also publish research in the St. Louis Fed's Review. The Division hosts weekly seminars and conferences where staff economists and visiting scholars present their research. The working paper series offers emerging research ideas to stimulate discussion.

Economic Commentary and Analysis

St. Louis Fed publications and blogs provide analysis and instruction for the general public, journalists, and students. These outlets allow Division economists to quickly and efficiently address economic trends, explore historical and current data for economic policy, and expand the understanding of issues relevant to our region, the nation, and the world.

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The research associate recruitment cycle begins in mid-August, with offers extended throughout the fall. Summer intern recruiting runs from September through November.


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