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Our application period for research analyst positions has ended.


Our research and analysis focuses on providing insights on the global, national, and Texas economies and enhancing the understanding of key issues in banking, finance, and energy economics.

Our Focus

Our work helps fulfill the Bank’s core monetary policy mission through the production of cutting-edge research and public outreach. Economists and research analysts collaborate on current analysis as well as on ambitious research projects that are often published in leading academic journals.

National and International Economics


Our economists engage in scholarly research and policy-oriented analysis on a wide range of important issues. They have developed various tools that shed light on the state of the U.S. economy, such as:

  • Trimmed Mean PCE
  • Weekly Economic Index
  • Mobility and Engagement Index
  • Real-Time Population Survey

Globalization Institute

The purpose of the institute is to better understand how deepening economic integration between countries, or globalization, alters the environment in which U.S. monetary policy decisions are made. Some popular data products include:

  • International House Price Database
  • Database of Global Economic Indicators

Regional and Energy Expertise

The Eleventh District has unique expertise in energy economics, immigration, and trade. Texas is the nation's top producer of crude oil and natural gas, making energy an integral part of the state’s economy; the Dallas Fed has a group of economists focused on energy markets and their impact on overall economic activity. Among states, Texas also has the longest border with Mexico and the nation's largest inland port; several economists focus on trade and immigration, and the Dallas Fed has a strategic partnership with Banco de Mexico. Our economists regularly visit Banco de Mexico and have co-authored articles with their staff. We’ve also developed surveys that provide a timely assessment of Texas economic activity, such as:

  • Texas Business Outlook Surveys
  • Dallas Fed Energy Survey
  • Banking Conditions Survey
  • Agricultural Survey

Begin Your Journey with Us

Recruitment cycle for summer 2021 research analyst positions will begin in early fall. Our summer 2021 internships will be posted in the fall and we will consider applications until positions are filled.

Once the research analyst job posting is opened in the fall, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until positions are filled. Candidates are strongly encouraged to apply early.

Do you have what it takes?

September 2021

Be sure to carefully review your application and include all required materials before submitting.

Internships: October-December

Be ready to schedule an interview via video chat; if unable to do so, we’ll communicate an alternate option.

Internships: November-January

Offers are extended to fill summer intern and full-time research analyst positions.

Most positions start the following Summer. Internships: June

Your first few weeks will be spent onboarding and learning

10-12 week Summer Internship
Two-year Research Analyst program

After a few weeks of training, you’ll feel ready to contribute to either existing projects or take on new tasks.

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Research analysts typically work for two years before moving on to graduate school, the private sector, other research institutions, or another position within the Bank.

Denotes full-time position