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The application period for 2021 has ended.


We examine economic issues that deeply affect our communities, both within our six-state region of the Ninth Federal Reserve District, and nationally.

Our Focus

We conduct world-class research to inform and inspire policymakers and the public. We also produce economic research and provide high-impact analysis and advice to Bank leaders on monetary policy and other strategic initiatives.

Research and Economic Analysis

The Research Division has a long history of producing top-tier academic research on a range of long-term issues broadly related to the policy mission of the Federal Reserve System. We have a historic partnership with the University of Minnesota that has helped produce six Nobel Laureates. Our community is comprised of more than 100 policy economists, research analysts and assistants, consultants, and visiting scholars from around the world.

Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute

The Opportunity & Inclusive Growth Institute was established in January 2017. It's dedicated to conducting research to measure, analyze, and make recommendations to improve the economic well-being of all Americans. The Institute has three core areas:

  • Robust Visiting Scholar Program to build a strong community of researchers
  • Conference series that answers big questions
  • Broader community outreach and serve as hub for community groups, policymakers, policy analysts, and academics

Begin Your Journey with Us

Our research assistant recruiting process typically starts in the fall with a start date the following summer.


Review minimum qualifications and requirements.


Be sure to carefully review your application before submitting.


We have a multi-stage interview process.


Offers are extended to fill full-time positions


Your first week will be spent in orientation, onboarding, and learning.


By the end of your first week at the bank, you’ll feel ready to contribute.

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We require a two year minimum commitment for all full-time research assistant positions. We accept applications, conduct interviews, and extend offers throughout the cycle.

Denotes full-time position