About the Program

Advance your career by building a solid foundation with the Federal Reserve

Economic researchers at the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks produce a wide variety of economic analyses and forecasts for the Federal Open Market Committee, Board, and Reserve Bank Presidents, while also conducting cutting edge research on a diverse range of topics.

We hire research assistants (RAs), and interns to support our economists on these vital policy analyses and research that makes a difference. Federal Reserve Banks refer to the RA position as research assistant, research associate, or research analyst, but all perform the same role. RAs take on an essential role at the Fed and are presented with substantial opportunities for professional and intellectual development, including the following:

  • Working alongside economists, RAs participate in applying economic theory and empirical research methods used to inform economic policy debate.
  • RAs help economists prepare briefings on current policy issues, work on staff economic forecasts, and write summaries on economic conditions. 
  • RAs also support economists with scholarly research projects, from formulation of the research question, analysis, documentation and presentation of results, and submission of the paper to academic journals.

Along the way, RAs develop strong quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and writing skills — marketable skills useful for pursuing career opportunities and advanced studies in a variety of fields.

Many RAs go on to top graduate schools in economics, law, public policy, and political science, while others take exciting jobs at the Fed or elsewhere. Through on the job experience, attending seminars, training, and tuition reimbursement programs, RA positions provide you with a solid foundation for whichever career path you pursue.

If you are interested in serving the public and seek meaningful work experience as you consider graduate school and/or future career options, working for the Fed as an RA or a summer intern can be an excellent interim step and a fun and rewarding experience.

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Diverse and Inclusive

At the Fed, we’re committed to attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals with varying backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We believe increasing diversity in our workforce will yield more creative solutions and better policy outcomes for our nation.

Our Team

This website demonstrates the collaborative spirit across the Federal Reserve System, and would not have been possible without the creativity and bold ideas that were put forth from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. We value sharing resources and working together as One Fed to accomplish our goals. This extends to our RA recruitment program; we work together to place RAs wherever they choose. This example of partnership within the Federal Reserve System is a testament to our mission and dedication to public service.

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