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We examine and advise on matters related to monetary policy at the international and national levels, financial issues and their relevance to the real economy, and issues affecting the state economies of the New England region.

Our Focus

Our work covers monetary, financial, and international issues ranging from the optimal inflation target to FinTech lending to global banking. We also focus on labor, housing, health care, and education in New England.

Labor Markets

We examine the labor side of the Fed’s dual mandate to promote price stability and maximize employment. We study the labor market and the broader implications for the national economy as well as the economies of the New England states. Our research has covered:

  • The suburbanization of employment
  • The gig economy and the well-being of workers
  • Rural New England’s rapidly aging labor force

Macro Financial Stability

As a research assistant at the Boston Fed, you might assist an economist studying an element of the financial sector and its economic relevance at the national or international level. A research assistant may help collect and analyze data concerning the connections between, for example:

  • Local bank health and consumer consumption
  • Foreign exchange risk migration and the real economy
  • The US-China trade war and the financial markets

Begin Your Journey with Us

Our research assistant application window typically runs throughout September. We post for summer internships in the spring.


Review qualifications and required materials


Be sure to carefully review your application before submitting.


Be ready to schedule a phone and video call appointment.


Offers are extended for full-time positions with June/July start dates.


Your first week will be spent getting to know your economist and other colleagues, and getting you started on research projects. Don't worry, there will be plenty of guidance and summer training sessions to help get you started.


Research Assistants play an essential role in the work we do, and we value your ideas and perspectives. You'll start contributing to the Boston Fed's mission of public service that makes a difference, right away.

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We require a two year minimum commitment for all full-time research assistant positions.

Denotes full-time position