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A Day in the Life

Research assistants engage in a wide variety of activities and tasks throughout the day.

Collect & Discover

As a research assistant, you will work alongside economists throughout the full lifecycle of research projects. Projects typically start with looking at a policy question and theory, reading the literature on the topic, then selecting and gathering data to test the theory.


Review & Analyze

After the data collection process, you will then perform data cleansing, regression analysis, and produce tables and graphs with the results.


Format & Present

Research findings are documented in policy briefings and working papers. RAs play an important role in helping to review all statistics, citations, and calculations reported in papers and ensuring that they are current before the paper is submitted to a journal or conference.


Work/Life Balance

It’s not all about the work! You’ll have plenty of time for social and enrichment activities inside and outside of work.


Research assistants shared with us the typical questions they receive. Here’s what they had to say.

Career Advice

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What motivated you to pursue an economics career?


Honestly, it was my intermediate economics professor who saw how inquisitive I was in trying to understand why poverty still prevails in some of the wealthiest countries. I wanted to understand this more and make an impact.

Coursework and Skills

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What types of classes should I take to strengthen my candidacy?


A combination of coursework in upper-level mathematics and statistics, econometrics, computer programming, and economics strengthens your application, but if you’ve gained similar experience through internships, jobs, enrichment programs or other training, highlight that in lieu of what may or may not be listed on your academic transcript.

Fed Culture

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What is the work environment like?


The economic research divisions across the Federal Reserve System offer a collegial and academic environment that emphasizes learning and teaching at all stages of careers. Members of the research departments collaborate to serve the public good and to challenge and support one another on their assumptions, thinking, and conclusions.