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Now accepting applications for positions starting in the summer of 2021.


Our research spans from urban economics to consumer finance to macroeconomics and monetary policy. Our academic research and analysis of local and national economic developments are integral to the Philadelphia Fed's monetary policy deliberations.

Our Focus

Our work provides insights on many facets of our economy, both within our three-state region of the Third Federal Reserve District, and nationally.

Consumer Finance

The Third District is home to numerous consumer finance institutions and consumers' decisions are vital to understanding the U.S. economy. As a research assistant, you will help our economists analyze data to better understand topics like:

  • The Aggregate Implications of Microeconomic Consumer Behavior
  • Housing and Demographic Changes
  • Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy

Regional and Urban Expertise

The Third District is also known as a microcosm of the U.S. economy and our surveys of regional economic activity are closely watched by the public. Our RAs assist our regional economists in studying topics including:

  • Urban Economics
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Labor Mobility and Migration

Begin Your Journey with Us

Our research assistant recruiting cycle usually runs from September through March. We usually post for summer internships from late December through February.




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